Buy CO2 extinguishers from us & we will set up a commissioning services for you

When you buy CO2 extinguishers from us we give you much more than just a new extinguisher – we will also deliver, fit and commission them for you.
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If you’re looking to buy CO2 extinguishers, you’re probably concerned about electrical fire risk on your premises.

CO2 extinguishers are used for fires involving electrical equipment such as computers, although they also work on some flammable liquid fires, or ‘class B’ fires

Did you know that, when you buy CO2 extinguishers on the internet, they must STILL be commissioned by an approved person.

You can end up spending more when you meant to spend less.

That’s why we always offer a complete, end-to-end service when you buy CO2 extinguishers from us ,we’ll leave you fully compliant with regulations/ Irish standard I.S.291:2015 (not to mention insurance requirements).

You will find buying a CO2 extinguisher from us is affordable, easy, and fast – no matter what the nature or size of your premises and  business.

We only buy CO2 extinguishers which are kitemarked and meet Irish Standards and regulations. We also offer the full range of fire industry approved extinguishers if you find you need additional types:

Our 5 year guarantee on extinguishers also gives you peace of mind.

Our extinguisher engineers are fire industry association of Ireland registered, which means they are trained by a 3rd party industry body. They will give you friendly, industry approved advice, plus provide you with a free survey service if you’re not sure exactly what you need.

Call +353 (0)1 839 5116 today to buy CO2 extinguishers or book a FREE SURVEY visit from a HSA extinguisher engineer.

Why should you buy CO2 extinguishers from us?

  • Competitive prices and fast, friendly service
  • you don’t Just pay for the extinguishers – delivery, fitting & commissioning is also delivered.
  • Our CO2 extinguishers are guaranteed to meet Irish standards.
  • Kitemarked CO2 extinguishers which meet Irish Standards and regulations.
  • All of our extinguisher engineers are Irish fire industry association registered.
  • Free Survey available and friendly, impartial advice
  • Next day delivery

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So if you are interested in your home security, business security, fire/intruder alarm, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, access control, CCTV systems been switched to a one stop solution for all fire and security systems maintenance and service contracts with one point of contact one invoice please feel free to contact us.

Get in touch with us today and one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members will discuss your project and outline how we can help secure your business premises or home.