Fire Alarm Testing

We provide weekly and monthly fire alarm testing in across Dublin and the whole of Ireland For all types of fire alarm systems and all sizes of business.

Regular fire alarm testing is a requirement for all businesses with a fire alarm systems in Ireland. To be legally compliant, your fire alarm system must have a weekly fire alarm test as well as be maintained and serviced by a competent person.

Typically a fire alarm test in Ireland  – where the bell is sounded – is carried out on the same day and at the same time each week, so that the occupants of the premises understand there is no need to evacuate.

If you are responsible for a number of properties throughout Ireland  it can sometimes be difficult to make sure that periodic fire alarm tests take place at the same time each week, creating confusion for your residents.

That’s where we can help. Because our team of engineers is working across Dublin and the whole of Ireland every  day, it’s easy for us to include your fire alarm tests into their daily rounds. That way we can keep the costs down too.

We always work to Irish standard I.S.3218:2013+A1:2019 so you can always  be sure you’re in safe hands.

Whether you are managing a single-site or a number of sites throughout Ireland  we’re sure we can help – please feel free to  get in touch.

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How we can help

  • The whole of Dublin and also nationwide is covered for fire alarm testing
  • Single-site or multi-site testing
  • Weekly and periodic testing options for your team
  • All makes, models  and types of fire alarm
  • 24/7 emergency call-out service from our own 24/7 control room
  • Tailored packages and flexible payment options
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Fire alarm testing

You might think think fire alarm testing would always be a part of workplace routine. Yet despite industry Standard guidance, and a clear code of practice, insurance experts say weekly fire alarm tests are often overlooked. by RFC we’re all too aware of this problem. With our  experience across dozens of different businesses tells us that managers don’t deliberately ignore guidelines. It’s just that time is money and customers are always waiting.

Let’s face it, in the real world, fire alarm testing regulations are never going to figure top of your daily schedule – even for the ‘competent person’ you’re required to appoint who is responsible for making sure it does. And even though every premises with an alarm system must have a weekly fire alarm test.

That’s why we can always  provide your team with  a test service in which our professional , fully qualified engineer will  handle everything: flexibly, according to your premises  schedule, thoroughly, always to ensure you are  legally compliant and  to avoid disruption. In fact your staff probably won’t notice our people are around…until the bell sounds in the building.

If you want to read the full fire alarm testing regulations check out the Irish  Standard code of practice I.S.3218 : 2013 +A1:2019 available from the Fire Industry Association.

In the meantime here’s a quick guide to key points in the fire alarm testing regulations – all of which we cover in our weekly fire alarm test service. Remember, this is in addition to fire alarm maintenance or fire alarm servicing. – If you’re managing multiple sites in Ireland  liaise with staff at each individual premise to arrange a convenient time.

  • Test at least one manual call point (same day and time each week but from different alarm locations).
  • Always Use the control panel enabling codes to deactivate alarms and avoid  the fire brigade arriving at your premises.
  • Check for faults in the control panel and follow recommended test patterns.
  • Make sure to  log the dates and times of all alarm soundings – whether they be genuine, practice, tests or false alarms – and note causes where appropriate.
  • Where faults are found make sure to  record the date, time, type of defect, remedial action taken and the senior staff member to whom a report was made.
  • Investigate the reason for any disconnections or disablement’s.
  • Investigate any system faults immediately and provide a quote to fix urgently.

This is  your legal duty. By testing equipment regularly you ensure employees are familiar with the sound of the alarms and are reminded of the need for constant vigilance where fire is concerned. Please note  weekly fire alarm testing saves lives in Ireland.

If you’d like to know more regarding by RFC  weekly fire alarm testing service or the fire alarm testing regulations please give us a call.

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