A premium home security camera solution that prevents intruders from breaking into your home by detecting them with smart CCTV monitoring cameras the moment they step foot onto your grounds & intervening with live audio warnings.

Welcome to the Home Security Revolution

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Complete Perimeter Detection

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Exterior Intruder Detection

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Instantaneous Audio Intervention

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Before the Damage is Done

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Keyholder & Police Notification

Rather than alarm the break-in when it has already happened, RFC Fire And Security Systems acts as an on-demand, all-seeing, remote security guard for our clients in order to stop it from ever happening in the first place. Find out more below and understand why we are trusted by CEOs, MDs, Business Owners and High Net Worth individuals to look after their homes across the Ireland.

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Complete Peace Of Mind

Whether you and your family are at home, away, or asleep, having RFC Fire And Security Systems Home gives you the comfort of knowing that the RFC Fire And Security Systems 24-7 Control Centre is acting as your virtual external security guard.

With RFC Fire And Security Systems Home, you can sleep soundly knowing your home and loved ones are always protected.

“I am often away with business, RFC Fire And Security Systems Home gives me real peace of mind that my family are safe when I am away.”

Satisfied RFC Fire And Security Systems Home user since 2012

Detecting Intruders BEFORE They Enter Your Home

RFC Fire And Security Systems Home use the latest generation of detection technology, where strategically located Smart CCTV cameras detect intruders when they are on your grounds.

This means that an intruder cannot step foot onto your grounds without us knowing and intervening with real audio challenges.

It means that not only will the sanctity of your home be protected, but we will be looking after your vehicles parked on your grounds as well.

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How RFC Fire And Security Systems Home Works

Intruder Detection
Your smart cameras detect an intruder the moment they cross the perimeter of your home. The RFC Fire And Security Systems Control Centre is immediately alerted with live footage.

Instantaneous Intervention
We view your premises in real-time, immediately issuing a live audio warning, commanding the intruder to leave. We simultaneously notify you and the authorities, whilst continuing to monitor your home.

Before The Damage Is Done
We track the intruder’s movements, issuing continual live warnings; ensuring the intruder flees and does not get inside your home.

Controlled From Your Smartphone

RFC Fire And Security Systems Home can be remotely armed and disarmed via your smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want, with our bespoke app, RFC Fire And Security Systems.

You can also view your home remotely, no matter where you are in the world.

Maintaining Your Privacy
This means that we only monitor your home when you want us to. With up to four zones, you can decide exactly which part of your grounds we monitor, and when we do so.

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Monitored Home Security Cameras

With a range of residential home security cameras on the market, you can choose from some of the best brands around. Our home CCTV monitoring services are compatible with almost any CCTV brand and system. You don’t need anything new, special or fancy, just a regular home CCTV system so that we can connect to it and protect you from any potential crime.

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