PAT Testing

Our highly trained PAT testers serve Dublin and the whole of Ireland, and will complete your PAT test quickly and efficiently, in or out of working hours.

Most working environments need a regular PAT test for at least their highest risk electrical items (you can read more about this in our blog article ‘Pat Testing Explained’).

Because we don’t expect everyone to be a PAT expert, our PAT test team is highly trained. They can advise on your business requirements and tell you whether items need a full PAT test, or just a visual inspection.

If your premises are large or complex, we can also arrange a free survey before sending you a quote.

Our rates are competitive and we are usually able to arrange a visit from one of our PAT testers the same week.

Our team will only carry out PAT tests and visual inspections on the items that actually need them, and we use the latest equipment so we can carry out tests quickly and label items clearly.

This means we not only complete your PAT test in as short a time as possible, we also keep your costs down. We leave your report with you at the end of the test too.

How we can help

  • We PAT test across Dublin and nationwide.
  • Costs are the same out of hours as in working hours
  • Our PAT testers will advise your specific business needs
  • We’ll carry out a FREE survey before quoting if needed
  • Total service available – PAT tests and visual inspections
  • No unnecessary PAT tests performed – we keep your costs down
  • All tested items clearly labelled
  • We leave the full PAT test report with you as soon as we’ve finished testing

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There’s often confusion around which electrical items need to be PAT tested and how often. The answer is – it depends!

There are 3 main factors which are taken into consideration:

  • the risk level of the working environment
  • the electrical class of the appliance
  • the category of the appliance

It can be complex trying to work out exactly what needs to be done, which is why our team offers a complete advisory service, giving you confidence that you are up to date and within the law.

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